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Baby bottle warmer with a steam sterilizer function kindaj steamby


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biały podgrzewacz do mleka i posiłków stałych z funkcją sterylizacji akcesoriów dla dzieci kindaj steamby + glass feeding bottle gray violet with a capacity of 120 ml + capacity 240 ml gray violet color glass feeding bottle
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kindaj steamby is a 5-in-1 warmer for liquids and solid meals with sterilization function – bottles and accessories for babies. The warmer has 5 modes: defrosting, milk, formula (mm), food and sterilization. Therefore, in steamby you will defrost mum’s milk, heat up mum’s milk, formula, solid meals, e.g. jars, and steam sterilize baby accessories. Each mode has a suitable temperature, so you don’t have to worry about what temperature to choose. The device will adjust it for you. You can also adjust the temperature according to your needs using the +/- button.

The device is light and does not take up much space. It has an easy-to-use touchscreen control panel and a shortcut button that facilitates quick activation of the defrosting mode or the milk heating mode. After the heating process is finished, steamby goes into standby mode. This means that it will keep the heated liquid warm until the device is turned off with the on/off button. However, after the sterilization process, the steamby turns off automatically.

Steamby’s premise is not to break records in the speed of heating or sterilization. Steamby is to meet the needs of parents who want to use a high-quality but affordable multifunctional device in their home. Kindaj steamby’s steam sterilization time is approx. 12 min. The heating time is min. several minutes depending on the amount and initial temperature of the liquid in the bottle.

In the kindaj steamby electric heater you can fit 2 bottles with a maximum height of 18 and 19 cm (this is equivalent to two bottles one classic240) with the lid closed and a maximum diameter of 7 cm.
Kindaj steamby is available in white color and requires connection to the socket.

How specialist rate the 5in1 kindaj steamby bottle warmer – read here.

To learn how to care for the hygiene of the 5-in-1 kindaj steamby heater, read (first) the manual that comes with the product. As an additional help, we also leave a short film – see.

Additional information




24 months

Main material



25 x 24 cm

Mode of action


Power supply

mains power


wipe with moisten cloth


certified/tested product

Set Content

main base – 1 pc, lid – 1 pc, rack – 1 pc

Plug type

EU (type C, E, F)

The product is returnable. You have 30 days to return. You can read more details in the returns and complaints or terms and conditions tab.

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