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Monika @miss.kolczi review the kindaj cookby robot #ParentsOpinion

Monika is the mother of little Lila and the dog Fibi. She calls herself “restless soul”, “adventurer”. On her instagram, she presents a fragment of motherhood and the interior of her home. If this is your topic, be sure to check out @miss.kolczi! Monika has recently started to expand her daughter’s diet. Therefore, she decided to test one of our devices – kindaj cookby baby food processor. Cookby makes it easier to prepare meals for the little ones. It steams and, if you want, also mixes the whole meal in the same dish. This will give you some extra time for yourself.

How does mom rate the kindaj cookby robot?

Monika says: when Lili was over the fifth month, I started thinking about expanding my diet. I knew I wanted to prepare my baby’s meals by myself, but I was a little scared to see a heavy blender and steamer in action … and this mess! Then the cookby food processor appeared in our house and I was able to say goodbye to worries. First of all, the device is very aesthetic and I don’t even have to hide it, because it fits nicely into our kitchen.  In addition, it is lightweight and handy, easy to use, and cleaning it takes a minute – it steams and blends the meal in one container that can be put in the dishwasher. Another advantage is that it mixes everything very thoroughly. The food processor is a great help in our lives, I use it every day, and even take it with me on trips – it takes up little space in my suitcase.