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A dad-pharmacist and a neurologist are rating the one classic bottles #SpecialistOpinion

About the product:

You probably already know very well the collection one classic, because it has been on the market for some time. It quickly gained recognition of young parents looking for minimalist accessories for children. The main product in this collection is the one classic silicone-coated glass feeding bottles. The silicone protects the glass against scratches, and the measuring cup and logo against wiping off, which is why one classic bottles look like new for a long time! The bottles are available in two colors, suitable for both boys and girls. It is worth knowing that glass does not transfer smells and does not discolor from food, so one day you can give your baby milk or water in one classic bottle, and on the next day you can store the aromatic soup in it (thanks to classicCap caps). After washing the bottle, the toddler will not even feel what was inside before.

Who rated the one classic bottles?

Artur Rakowski he is not only a pharmacist but also a dad. After hours, he deals with health promotion stationary and on the Internet – from a man’s point of view. He co-creates the blog, popular among parents, and collaborates with medical magazines by creating useful articles. When we heard that Artur would like to test our bottles, we were very pleased, because among the opinions so far, we could not miss reviews of a person who looks from so many perspectives – medical, health and fatherly.
Arthur also invited his friend, a speech therapist and a neurologist, who rated the safety of the bottle teat. See how the one classic bottles performed in the test.


  • safety for children 10/10
  • convenience of use 9/10
  • baby-friendly 10/10
  • quality of materials 10/10
  • design 10/10
  • price 8/10

Artur says: “It turned out that the one classic has a teat that is safe for occlusion. It has the same shape on all sides – it is oval and soft. Its base is made of a thicker layer.” Specialists also noticed that the drops come out steadily, so there is no fear that a fed baby will gulp air. “The bottles are tight, solid and fit perfectly in your hand. The main reasons for choosing this bottle should be the glass it is made of and durability for many years of use.”.

You can read the whole text and the reasoning behind the evaluation of the one classic glass feeding bottles here:  ARTUR TESTS BOTTLES ONE CLASSIC