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Agnieszka’s choice @mygreyhome #ParentsOpinion

Agnieszka is a photography lover (you can feel it in these beautiful photos visible at the top of the page!) and a mother of little Adam. Prowadzi profil instagramowy @mygreyhome, który z pewnością warto odwiedzić. It shows not only beautiful frames of the interior of the house, but also opens the veil of motherhood. We met Agnieszka at the right time. She has recently started to expand her son’s diet. It was the perfect moment to test the strength of our kindaj products from the feeding section on her own skin.

What did Agnieszka choose?

Agnieszka wybrała robota do gotowania na parze posiłków dla dzieci kindaj cookby, zestaw szklanych butelek one classic z nakrętkami classicCap (umożliwiają przechowywanie żywności) oraz silikonową łyżeczkę do karmienia z przyssawką, która jest bezpieczna dla dziąseł dziecka i wygodna do trzymania.

When designing the cookby device, we wanted all parents to be able to prepare healthy meals rich in nutrients while expanding their diets, but also not to waste a lot of time on it. The same goal was also followed by Agnieszka and apparently thanks to this set she managed to do so!

How does mom rate kindaj products?

Agnieszka says: The cookby food processor came to us a few weeks ago and we have been using it almost every day since then. It is a device that makes it very easy to prepare healthy meals for children. It is very intuitive to use and takes up really little space, so it fits in any kitchen. An additional advantage is the built-in blender. Without soiling the next dishes, we can prepare, for example, a soup of steamed vegetables. It is enough to flip the basket inside. I think this is a device that every mother should have. It allows you to save a lot of time (and spend it, for example, on drinking warm coffee).

She also mentions: We have also been using the one classic bottle for some time as a container for storing snacks and lunches. The biggest advantage is that it is made of glass, so food only comes into contact with natural raw materials that do not contain harmful substances (unlike plastic). The bottle is small. It is perfect for walks or trips. We also have one spoon, which fits nicely on small hands, does not slip and is perfectly shaped.

We wholeheartedly recommend it!