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kindaj wipeby – Natalia’s choice @natalianina_lis

What is kindaj wipeby?

This is another kindaj product that can be used in two ways. Heats both wet wipes and sheet masks to body temperature (moms also deserve something!). Wet wipes left even at room temperature by many babies feel too cold. Therefore, taking care or changing the diaper is uncomfortable for them and leads to whining and even crying. To save stress for parents and babies, it is worth getting a wet wipe warmer. Then you always have warm and ready-to-use wipes at hand. Wipeby does not take up much space as it is only slightly larger than a traditional tissue container.

How does Mum rate the wet wipe warmer?

Natalia is the founder of the instagram profile @natalianina_lis, mother of three siblings: Julek, Mania and Jaś. When Jan was born she had the opportunity to test one of the kindaj products – the kindaj wipeby wet wipe warmer.  What does she think about it?

Natalia says: I recommend the kindaj wipeby warmer to every mother. Thanks to warm wet wipes, baby care is much more pleasant and easier. It holds a lot of them in the container so you don’t have to add them every now and then. Wipeby does not overheat or dry them out. The drawer also turned out to be a nice thing, where you can easily heat the face sheet masks. I really recommend it!