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The best breast pump #OpiniaSpecjalisty

We are very positively surprised! Breast pump double electric kindaj milkby was chosen as the best among those tested by the specialist and dad, Artur Rakowski and his team. The kindaj milkby device competed with popular breast pumps, which are liked by parents, so we are even more pleased that our new product has beaten such competition. 

What was taken into account?

  • ease of use – milkba handling is very simple. You use a touchscreen panel to control the device. In addition, the display shows chosen functions and the working time of the breast pump. Cleaning elements of this breast pump is easy too.

  • quality– all parts of the breast pump fit well and are made of high quality materials.

  • device volume level – the milkby breast pump is very quiet, its sound will certainly not be your worst nightmare.

  • price-quality ratio – the price of milkba is low in terms of the quality of work and design. What’s more, for the price of one device, you get two (breast pump + nasal aspirator).

  • distinguishing functions – what functions distinguish milkby? First of all, you use same device main base to turn a breast pump into a nasal aspirator. Super cool! Additionally, it is probably the only breast pump that is compatible with glass feeding bottles (in this case the one classic). Milkby also has a flat or inverted nipple mode so you don’t need an extra device to solve this problem as well.

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