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@milobycwdomu – with kindaj from the first days of life #ParentsOpinion

Marta is the mother of three lovely girls with whom we “know” each other for quite a long time. Every time we released a new product under the kindaj brand, Marta had the opportunity to test it. As you can probably guess, that’s why among the #ParentsOpinion her experiences could not be missing. Marta, especially for you, summed up her parental path (from the first days of her babies’ lives) with the kindaj brand. The blog post was written by Marta @milobycwdomu. 

The beginnings of parenting…

is not easy for anyone, especially when we become parents for the first time. With each new child it is a bit easier to get used to, although each child is different. He is a completely individual person, a new challenge, new unknowns. How I discovered life with a tiny human three times and I remember perfectly well what helped me a lot during this extraordinary time.

My first two daughters did not like the pacifier. No ideology of mine, they just did not need and quickly gave up. In the case of the third daughter, the pacifier was our number one gadget. We used (and still use to put to sleep) the kindaj one calmness pacifier, among other things. Very aesthetic for the mum’s eye and quickly calming the baby. Its main advantage is that it is one “lump” and nothing gets from its nooks and crannies. It is easy to sterilize and keep clean, which makes it very hygienic.

Next step

When it comes to feeding my baby, I have never had any major problems with lactation. Consequently, we did not need the support of formula milk. Nevertheless, we had classic bottles at home for various emergency situations. Due to the fact that they are glass, it is very easy to keep them clean, and the teat can be replaced with a special cap. Thanks to that, the bottle turns into a reusable container, e.g. for food, mousses, soups, etc. For us, the solution with the cap worked very well during our trips. We always had a home-made dinner or dessert at hand. It is one of those gadgets that you buy once and last a long time.

It’s time to expand baby’s diet

At some point, it is time to expand your baby’s diet. And if we are expanding our diet, we can find in kindaj offer, among others cookby, an affordable baby food processor that, thanks to steam, will prepare a healthy and tasty meal for your baby, measure the right portion and blend everything. The device does not take up much space and is very aesthetic, so there will be a corner for it in every kitchen.
At cookby, we can prepare a vegetable dish, with fish or a piece of meat. Eg a piece of salmon with broccoli and potatoes. Fast and healthy. In addition, it is a perfect miniblender for fruit or vegetable-fruit mousses and for children’s cocktails. How to make a mousse? Nothing simpler: throw in a few raspberries, four banana slices and a quarter of an apple, here’s one of the recipes. Mix any ingredients your baby likes.
When it comes to serving meals, we can choose to  spoon-feed, the BLW method or just a mix of the two! I know from experience that children, even small ones, like to be treated like any other member of the household, i.e. eat from bowls and plates, drink from a cup. They really become independent very quickly. Well … we broke a lot of porcelain due to all these attempts at independence of our daughters, we also prefer it now silicone dishes kindaj basic, which are not only very nice, easy to keep clean, do not break, but also can be used in the microwave and oven!

Finally a sleep…

Very important for children as well as for parents. Each of us needs it. Kindaj lulu is a lamp that we already met around the year of our youngest daughter. It is a lamp that has several types of noise, a delicate white or colored light, the intensity of which can be adjusted to the needs of our child, and beautiful lullabies. This is one of the most useful gadgets and it is definitely worth having it from the first days of life. It will be useful not only as an aid in falling asleep and maintaining sleep, it will be perfect for changing the baby in the evening without turning on the big light.

Kindaj’s assortment does not end with the gadgets we used. It is also worth paying attention to the breast pump with the function of a nasal aspirator, the first clothes for a baby or teats for premature babies. When planning your layette, and then new gadgets as your child grows, take a look at the kindaj offer.