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is a bottle warmer necessary? #ParentsOpinion

It’s like asking if a TV or kettle is needed in your home. Of course, there is no clear answer as with many products. It all depends on what comfort of life you value and what you will use. We, and many parents, certainly appreciate products that make life easier. By using a bottle warmer, you can be sure that the baby’s meal will be evenly heated and at the right temperature. It is unlikely that you will serve your meal too cold or (worse) too hot. Remember to always check the temperature of the meal before serving it to your child! If you use the warmer, you also gain a moment for yourself because you do not have to keep an eye on the device all the time. It will do the work for you. What if the heater has additional modes? This is a plus! This is the case kindaj steamby – it not only heats and defrosts various types of meals, but also steam sterilizes, i.e. without the use of detergents. 

Can the bottle warmer be turned on all night?

We will answer briefly and to the point. Not every warmer, but steamby yes. The 5-in-1 kindaj steamby heater has a standby function, i.e. after the heating process is finished, it will maintain the temperature of the heated meal until you turn off the device manually. You will use this function as follows if:

  • you are feeding with modified milk – prepare water in a bottle and heat it in steamby. After the heating process is finished, do not turn off the device, it will maintain the temperature of the heated water in the bottle. When it’s time to feed, add the formula, mix it and give it to your baby. No waiting or crying! A great option, especially during night feeding.
  • you are feeding mother’s milk – prepare the milk in a bottle and heat it up in steamby. Do not turn off the device. When it’s time to feed, give your baby a warmed meal.

How long can baby formula stay in bottle warmer? Remember that in the case of milk, the heating time should not exceed 2 hours, as it may lose its nutritional value.

We asked Moms how they rate the kindaj steamby bottle warmer

Must have on the layette list
A device that should be on every layette list. For me, it has only advantages: quick night feeds (keeps the temperature), great price, aesthetic appearance. It is great! I recommend.
@monika__debska, mom of two

A sensational multifunctional device
This product must be on your layette list. It doesn’t matter if you are breastfeeding or use formula. Tell me which device has 5 quick functions and adjust the temperature for you. You heat up the milk or food and then sterilize the bottle. Quick and easy. I will not count on my fingers how many times a day the device is used. Discovery at a good price.
Sylwia @_ajgutkind, Oliwka’s mom

In the end, I found the perfect heater. Intuitive software, the speed of heating and sterilization make it definitely dominate other devices of this type. A huge plus for the elegant design that fits perfectly in our kitchen and holds up to two bottles (so I don’t have to worry anymore that when I get up at night I forget to put in another bottle). Great product!
Ewa @ewa_landowska, mother of a daughter

A helpful gadget
The kindaj steamby bottle warmer is a great solution for moms who value their time. Thanks to it, I quickly heat up and defrost food. I can also sterilize bottles quickly without using detergents. It is a very helpful gadget. I recommend it to all moms. 
Pamela @_pami_mia_tymek_, mom of two