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#ParentsOpinion Moms are testing a kindaj milkby breast pump

About the product:

kindaj milkby  is an electric breast pump with a nasal aspirator function. The device can work in single and double mode. It has 9 power levels that you can adjust in both stimulation and pumping modes, separately for the right and left breasts. Milkby also has additional modes:

– pulling out a flat or inverted nipple

– bionic (mimics the baby’s suckling frequency)

– pumping nasal mucus

The breast pump is wireless, quiet and handy. It has been kept in a minimalist style like the rest of kindaj products.

What do parents think about kindaj milkby?

I rate the breast pump at 5+
For me, the biggest plus is that it also has an aspirator function (2 devices for the price of 1) and it does not need a connection to a socket! In addition, it is two-phase with 9 power modes that can be set separately for each breast. Compared to my previous breast pump (which seems really good), it knocks it out.
Magda, @krupinskaa.m, mom of two

Meets my expectations!
I was looking for a breast pump that would meet all the requirements for a long time. Finally, I have found kindaj milkby. First of all, it is quiet and you can express milk from two breasts at once – which saves time, especially at night, without waking up the rest of the family. Expressing is comfortable and the parts are easy to clean. In addition, it has a tip that is useful as a nasal aspirator. The nice touch control panel is really easy to use, but the most surprising thing was the price, which is not excessive for such quality. I also highly recommend it!
Alicja @scandicandies, mom of three, she loves to catch moments in pictures.

The best thing in the layette!
The kindaj milkby breast pump is the best thing in the entire layette. It rescued me from trouble many times and it proved to be great during the breast fullness. It is the only so quiet breast pump that I have had a chance to use. I found the best mode for me without any problems to optimize the pumping process. In addition, it can be used as a nasal aspirator, which I consider a great option. A positive surprise was also the fact that it holds the battery for a really long time. I wish I had known it sooner!
Sylwia @sy7ka, cosmetologist, a passionate makeup artist. Mom of two 4 and 3 y.o. girls and 4 month-old boy.

What else do moms say?

It deserves the highest rating!
With full awareness, after prolonged use, I find that the kindaj milkby breast pump is a “gadget” that I cannot imagine replacing with any other. It is really great device that honestly deserves the highest rating. I tested them a lot in my “career” and this is my definite favorite. I am writing this not only as a mother, but also as a person who gives milk to the Milk Bank, so I use the breast pump very intensively. Expressing milk with it is quick and does not cause any discomfort. He also has several features that put it on the podium. First of all, it is tiny, handy and does need a connection to a socket. It charges very quickly and the it has USB cable. It also has 9 individual suction power levels for each breast, a stimulation mode and a bionic mode – simulating baby suckling. We can also use it as a nasal aspirator. The price for this quality device is ridiculously small. And finally, this look that pleases the eye when standing on a shelf. You do not have to hide it in a cupboard.
Paula @strupka

It stole my heart
A wireless breast pump that I can turn into a nasal aspirator for a toddler? It stole my heart right away! This is the first time I have a double breast pump and I am delighted with the amount of milk expressed. Now evening pumping takes half my time, and the breast pump is so quiet I can do it next to my daughter’s bed while she is asleep – it made my life so much easier. The breast pump is very gentle, the pumping itself is really comfortable, and as a fan of minimalism, I love its appearance! The uninitiated have no idea what it is. The suction cups have a beautiful pattern on the rubbers, I have never seen such elaborate details before. I would never have guessed the price would be so good.
Anna @miloscwniedziele