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What is worth buying before giving birth and what after? #ParentsOpinion

What is worth buying before giving birth and what after? We will answer this frequently asked question based on the experience of Żaneta’s mom known online as @dajjgryza. We asked Żaneta to collect her thoughts on the kindaj brand products she used while caring for her daughter. The article is not intended to provide a list of all products necessary for a layette, but to systematize those used by Mama Żaneta during her journey.

Even before giving birth…

Especially when the first baby in the family appears in the world, we want to provide him with the best care, and thus – products that help in this. There are many of them on the market, so when we take our first steps in motherhood, we often look for opinions on what to buy before childbirth, and what we can wait with until a later period. Thanks to this, the cost of a layette can be divided into several stages and reduce the risk of buying unnecessary products.

Even before birth, start with:

  •  clothes and textiles – choose between the smallest size of clothes 56 (0-2m) and 62 (2-4m). You are not sure how big your baby will be born. Definitely most parents recommend to focus on size 62 (2-4m   in the bonbon collection), because this size is more useful right after giving birth. Babies also gain weight quickly, so surely this size will be used up sooner or later. Don’t forget to cover your baby. Depending on the season, you can choose muslin swaddle blanket in size 140×140 cm  opcja (option for warm days) or knitted blanket  (option for colder days).

    Żaneta says: “The blanket from the bonbon collection is perfect for us from the first day after leaving the hospital. We use it to cover our Little one in a car seat, outside on warmer days or during a nap at home.

  •  baby bottles and accessories – we strongly recommend you to buy at least one set before birth. Even if you plan to breastfeed exclusively, a bottle set will certainly be helpful. Perhaps you will suddenly need Dad to feed the baby? Thanks to feeding bottles it will be possible. Stocking up on one classic bottles , you can be sure that they will be used. Why? One classic bottles are made of glass and are suitable not only for serving meals, but also for storing them. Glass does not transfer smells, so you can give them water and milk one day, and keep aromatic soup in them the next. The bottle will not get any smell!

    Żaneta recalls: “When creating a layette, I immediately knew that I would use glass bottles instead of plastic. Fortunately for me, I found one classic, which met my expectations in 100%! Great quality, which you can see at first glance, and after taking the bottle in your hand you can literally fall in love.

  • a breast pump with an additional function – the rule is exactly the same as in the case of baby bottles. Of course, if you plan to feed your baby with mother’s milk. Even if you only want to breastfeed, a breast pump can be of great help. It will help to start lactation or bring relief during breast fullness. It will also allow you to express milk when someone else has to feed your baby. In the milkby breast pump you will find several additional, unique options, e.g. pulling out an inverted nipple or a nasal aspirator. Just switch the tip and it’s ready. The nasal aspirator in the milkby breast pump will be helpful with slight nasal discharge. When you buy milkby, you get two products in one at a great price.

    Żaneta assesses: “I have been using the kindaj milkby breast pump for a short time, and I fell in love with it from the very beginning. Not only because of its minimalist look, but compared to my previous breast pump, it’s a far cry from! It’s very gentle and effective at the same time, and since I’ve been using it, pumping has finally ceased to be a chore. For me, this breast pump is a shot in 10! The more that it is a double breast pump, with a large possibility of settings and at a very good price.

Shortly after birth…

Once you get to know your baby’s needs, you will surely notice what could make your everyday life easier. Many babies find it difficult to wind down before going to bed and therefore fall asleep. This is where various gadgets come in handy. The most popular ones are those that emit white noise. What if white noise just doesn’t work for your baby? The device will land in a corner and you will only lose money. If you decide to buy a device with noise, it is better to buy something more multifunctional. A good idea is an RGB LED lamp (RGB is a wide range of colors) with as many as 28 soothing sounds. The sounds in the kindaj lulu lamp are: white, pink and red noise as well as classic lullabies. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you will find the sound that will silence your baby. The lamp’s light power can be adjusted by touching. This function will allow you to adjust its intensity to your current needs – it will be perfect for changing diapers in the middle of the night and for sleeping.

Żaneta’s opinion:
Kindaj lulu lamp is one of our favorite gadgets at home with a baby. We love it for its minimalist design, ease of use, adjustable light intensity and the sounds that are pleasant to the ear. This lamp is simply brilliant! We use it every day, usually to put our daughter to sleep, turn on a soft light and play a lullaby or her favorite sound of waves. It is also perfect for various trips, because it takes up little space in the bag. We don’t have to worry about the lack of adequate light on site.

About the sixth month…

In the sixth month of life, we usually begin to expand the baby’s diet. It is then ready to explore new tastes. During this period, we need to stock up on basic accessories that will make it easier for us to serve our first meals. A good choice is the silicone dishes from the basic collection. They will not crash even when a toddler drops them on the floor, they can be safely washed in the dishwasher and additionally used in the oven! The cup has a capacity perfect for a start and a strong suction cup that will prevent the bowl from sliding over the table top. The plate is large with a heavy, non-slip base. It can be used to serve a meal or as a mat for a basic bowl (easier cleaning). The basic collection also includes an open cup with a balanced bottom and a small capacity. Why is the cup open and not, for example, a sippy cup? Many speech therapists recommend learning to drink from a cup opened right after the bottle. This is more neutral to the bite and good for your little one’s development. You can easily skip the drinking process from a sippy cup.
A few “for” an open cup:

  • safer for the toddler’s bite
  • exercises the muscles of the lips and mouth-hand coordination (new skill!)
  • a lower risk of caries (than with a sippy cup), because we do not keep the mouthpiece in our mouth all the time
  • a good basis for the subsequent reduction of speech impediments
For the set with the basic dishes, you can buy a silicone one classic spoon with a suction cup and a stable handle.
Żaneta says: Kindaj basic dishes are a great solution for people who expand the diet of their little ones. They not only have beautiful colors and high quality, but are very practical. The plate is large and heavy, which makes it difficult for a toddler to move, the bowl is perfect for yoghurts or soups, and the suction cup underneath prevents it from overturning. Due to its size, the cup is very handy for learning to drink. We highly recommend this set!”

What’s more?

Probably every parent would like to give their children healthy meals, prepared by themselves. Nothing hard! All you need to do is get a small, multifunctional device – a kindaj cookby cooking baby food processor. Cookby steams and blends, which allows you to create a wide variety of meals for your child. And if you’ve run out of ideas for valuable meals, check out our other blog posts for inspiration. 

Żaneta: “Cookby is our best friend since we expanded our Ada’s diet (and it’s already been 2 months!) We love him for its multi-functionality, ease of use and its compactness, so we can take it with us on every possible journey. With the help of cookby, we can easily prepare a healthy meal in the selected form – straight to the handle or properly ground thanks to the built-in blender. I can’t imagine a better diet expansion device than the cookby! “