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Expanding the diet with Magdalena @ta_sarenka #ParentsOpinion

Who is Magdalena?

She tries to build her profile with words – she creates stories to photos of other users and fairy tales inspired by her little daughter, Łucja. You can follow all the adventures and Opowiastki Leśnej Gromadki on instagram @ta_sarenka. She describes everyday and exceptional matters there. She tries to keep a balance between seriousness and fun and additionally begins to discover the magic of creative photography. Our cooperation is described by: “While my head is usually bursting with ideas, in the case of the adventure with expanding the diet, I am really grateful kindaj for the products that take away my worries”.

What, according to Magdalena, is needed to expand the diet?

Expanding baby’s diet equals kindaj cookby – „It’s been obvious to me as long as I saw it,” confirms. The steam cooking baby food maker is small in size, but it can preserve a lot of nutritional value and taste in a meal. At cookby, the parent can make vegetable mash, fruit mousse, lunch without subsequent blending or a smoothie. Cooking is quick and takes a maximum of 30 minutes – “And most importantly: quiet!” – adds Magdalena.
Apart from the baby food maker, Magda chose also one classic baby bottle  with cap and silicone bowl with suction cup. The bottle is perfect for healthy traveling! Everything in the universal Gray Violet color.

How were kindaj products evaluated by the young mother and the rest of her family?

The best kitchen equipment I have at home, as well as a dishwasher. I can’t imagine coming back to life with washing all the dishes by hand and I can’t imagine cooking without cookby anymore!“- she says delighted.
How did other family members react to the baby food maker? The young mother recalls: “When the Bear (Magdalena’s partner, note) looked at my choice, and then at our little kitchen, he asked: is it really useful to us? When he saw its size on our table, on the one hand he breathed a sigh of relief, and on the other he looked skeptical. Only when he had delicious vegetable pancakes on the table half an hour later did he understand its power!”

The bottle and the bowl were also quickly accepted by the most important ones: “My daughter is doing great! A cup with a suction cup bravely accompanies us in the adventure of expanding the diet, resistant to waving children’s, interesting hands. After washing, Dad used to suck it even to the tiles above the sink to dry, thanks to which it does not take up space on any shelf or in a cupboard. Well – it works! And the bottle … Honestly, I was afraid of the glass bottle. I was afraid that it would be too heavy for a baby, bulky and most of all – dangerous to bruise in transport. I’m glad I was wrong. The bottle is a great solution for storing meals and we are happy to take it on a trip by train. Łucja has no problem holding her and taking out the pieces of cooked carrot or apple over and over again!

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