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Is a baby food maker needed? – Mom’s choice and review @anna_zurawka

Who is Anna?

Anna is not only a mother, the founder of the @anna_zurawkaprofile, but also a photography and travel lover. We contacted Ania some time ago because we knew that she would soon start her adventure with expanding her baby’s diet. It was the perfect moment to offer her the opportunity to test our device for special tasks – the kindaj cookby baby food maker. For the uninitiated, we would like to remind you that the kindaj cookby baby food maker not only steams but also blends. Both options are independent of each other, so you don’t have to limit yourself to just one type of meal. You have a wide variety of dishes that you can prepare for your baby.

Is a baby food maker needed?

If you want to make your everyday life easier, definitely yes. The diet expansion stage seems simple. We start with single ingredients, which we usually thermally process, and only then move on to more complicated meals. That sounds very simple. In practice, it looks a bit different. If you decide to prepare a meal 100% yourself (you do not use ready-made jars), you need to spend some time on it. Cooking small portions is often more problematic than cooking a large meal for the whole family. How many stories have we heard that someone forgot that they left a cooking meal on the stove – the water evaporated and everything went to be thrown away. When cooking in a mini-robot:

  • you set the working time and you can take care of other duties (nothing will burn),
  • you prepare everything in one device (quick cleaning and convenience),
  • you can prepare small portions just in time for children expanding their diet (tip: portions from cookby fit perfectly in a silicone bowl from the basic collection).

How does the kindaj cookby robot be reviewed by Mum?

Anna says: “cookby steaming food maker allows you to prepare a meal in less than 30 minutes. It is an amazing convenience in everyday preparation of dishes. Expanding your toddler’s diet is an incredible pleasure and joy to create. Cookby steams, chops and blends. After waking up in the morning, we spend time together in the kitchen, where we can prepare a healthy meal that does not require much work. The form of treatment preserves valuable nutritional values and vitamins. I have never enjoyed cooking as much as I do now. Seeing a happy baby waiting for her meal makes heart skips!“. Mom also decided to use silicone dishes. What does she say about them? “The silicone dishes enchant with their practicality and appearance. A bowl and a spoon have a suction cup, thanks to which nothing escapes from the table. The minimalist, subdued colors fit perfectly into my interior.”