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about the referral program

Join the referral program and earn money by recommending kindaj products to your friends. Give them an individual discount code 10% off for purchases, and get a commission on sales every time someone uses your code. Anyone who appreciates and wants to recommend kindaj products can join the referral program, because we offer two forms of action: as a “customer” or as an “influencer”. Read the frequently asked questions to find out more.

The referral program (in other words, partnership, affiliate) is a way of promoting brand products (kindaj) where the partner receives a commission in return.

The referral program is made for literally everyone. If you like to use kindaj products, want to recommend them further and also benefit from it, don’t hesitate. Join the referral program. You can recommend the products to your relatives and followers.

StepsApplication –> Verification –> Acceptance as “customer”

  • Create an account (to join the referral program, you first need to create a customer account. You will automatically be assigned to the kindaj plus membership plan, which will allow you to use, among others, from the referral program)
  • After logging in to your customer account, find the “referral program” tab and click the “become an affiliate” button. The kindaj team will receive a notification of your application.
  • Wait for verification. After successful verification, you can use the program as a “customer”. 
    you are interested in joining the referral program as an “influencer”, contact us   in order to verify.

Both plans operate on the same principles, but differ in the amount of commission and the final form of settlement for referrals.

  • “customer” plan – the accumulated funds can be used for shopping in kindaj store. Your commission is 5%.
  • “influencer” plan – accumulated funds can be withdrawn to your bank account or PayPal. Your commission is 8%.

You are assigned to the “customer” plan immediately after passing the verification. To use the “influencer” plan, you must contact us additionally and we will consider your request.

We create the discount code especially for you when verifying your account. After successfully completing the verification ,the discount code will automatically appear on your customer account, where you can also create your own affiliate link to the store.

Yes. There are many factors that we check when verifying your account if you want to act as an influencer. We don’t just consider the number of followers. We are open to action and if we notice the potential, you will be able to act in the “influencer” plan. However, if you hesitate which option to choose, we encourage you to start acting as a “customer” to recommend Kindaj products to your loved ones. You can report your willingness to participate in the referral program as an “influencer” at any time and we will consider your application.

Each time someone uses your individual store link and/or discount code when placing an order, you will receive a commission on sales that will appear in your virtual wallet. You will find your individual link in   tab“referral program”in your customer account.

Attention! Returned products do not count towards the commission. 

In the “customer” plan, you can use them when shopping at a kindaj store. In the “influencer” plan, you can report your willingness to withdraw funds.

In your customer account on the referral program panel, find the “withdraw” option. Follow the displayed steps. If you are in the “customer” plan after accepting the request, your commission will appear in the virtual wallet. If you are in the “influencer” plan, the funds will be transferred to the right place.

No. They are valid until you use them.

If you no longer want to use the referral program, please notify us of your wish to unsubscribe from the program by contacting us via the contact form.